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Application� Shell vs. Business Model

The core CRM functionality of a StayinFront CRM system is delivered by the Application Shell. The industry, organizational and regional specific functionality is delivered by the Business Model. The separation of the Application Shell from the Business Model is one of the ways in which StayinFront CRM allows you to create highly configured systems without disrupting the core functionality and logic of the system.


Our industry-specific functionality addresses the needs of business and IT departments across the entire enterprise including sales, marketing and support teams.



StayinFront's uniquely flexible architecture and object-oriented data modeling is designed to enable administrators to modify and enhance features and functionality. Administrators at any level of your organization can champion business requirement modifications without costly and time-consuming development or programming, enabling you to achieve exact fit solutions quickly and easily.


StayinFront CRM is built around a .Net framework and is developed using both managed code and VB.Net scripting. Our unique use of Microsoft�s Click Once and Smart Client technologies provide advanced usability and deployment options as well as superior WAN and wireless conformance.

StayinFront�s Smart Client application utilizes the best of both Rich Client and Thin Client technologies to deliver an exceptional user experience that is easy to deploy and administer

Microsoft�s Click Once deployment allows the StayinFront CRM application to be deployed using a URL in an email or from a Web site. There is no complicated application install or administrative supervision required and updates can be automatically received.

StayinFront CRM helps organizations achieve a complete CRM strategy by integration of customer information from multiple enterprise systems. Component Delivered and Encapsulated Date Integration (EDI) combined with technologies such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Enterprise Application Integration(EAI) allow StayinFront CRM technology to exchange structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment, enabling interaction with virtually any back-end or legacy system.

Product Design Principles

StayinFront CRM has been developed using a unique set of internal design principles that translate directly into significant business benefits. Among the benefits are:

Flexibility � delivering relevant customer systems that enable competitive differentiation and high levels of user adoptions

Backwards Compatibility � Systems can be specific and relevant, without creating an expensive to maintain �orphan�, which will become outdated over time


Quality � low cost of ownership, high user adoption


Modular � integrates well with other enterprise applications




True flexibility is not something that can be added to a software product as an afterthought. StayinFront CRM has been designed from the ground up to be able to be configured to meet each organization�s unique requirements.


Business models are created and configured using StayinFront Designer. StayinFront Designer is a graphical Unified Modeling Language TM (UML) tool that gives total control over the data model and the business logic.

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One of the hazards of customizing packaged software is the cost of upgrading to


new versions. StayinFront CRM has a unique architecture that separates the business model from core CRM functionality. The core CRM functionality can be upgraded without touching the business model.


In addition to this, the business models use an object-oriented architecture allowing core model features to be extended using inheritance. This enables core business functionality to be upgraded without effecting organization specific customizations.


StayinFront Quality System


StayinFront products are developed using the StayinFront Quality System. The system prescribes a product development methodology that has quality built in as an objective during


every step of the development process.


StayinFront�s core products are developed and supported by StayinFront�s Telarc-certified (ISO 9001:2000) Technology Group using the StayinFront Quality System. This ensures StayinFront�s compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GAMP 4 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice Guide for Validation of Automated Systems, ISPE, 2001) standards.




Multi-lingual capabilities have also been designed into the product. All language elements displayed in a system are multi-lingual. This means one system can be deployed in multiple markets, each with its own language requirements.

Translating in StayinFront Designer


StayinFront CRM is also Unicode capable, allowing a mix of languages in a single instance of a system.



StayinFront CRM exists as a set of components that can be used together to form a suite. Many of the components can also be used in third party applications, and all components are externally accessible via an Application Program Interface (API).



With easy adoption to intuitive user interface designs, streamlined programming and development code and an industry acclaimed data quality assurance process, the StayinFront CRM system is engineered and configured for manageability and integration.


StayinFront products and services help reduce IT complexity and total cost of ownership, while improving security. This means you can spend less time and budget managing your systems and focus more resources on other priorities for you and your business.

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